3 Incredible Text-to-Video AI Generators You Have To Try!

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In this video, you'll learn how to convert text to video using AI. These generators will convert your text prompts into AI-generated videos.

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In this video, you are going to learn how to convert texts to videos using AI. Watch the segment

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I'll share a few tools and options with you, so that you can give it a try, experiment, and try it out yourself. Watch the segment

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The first text-to-video tool that you can use is perhaps the most popular, and it's from Runway. Watch the segment

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Okay, the first text-to-video tool that you can use is perhaps the most popular, and it's from Runway. They have a tool called Text to Video. Watch the segment

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If you don't see this after signing up, you can look at Popular AI Magic Tools, and it's right here, Text/Image to Video. They call it Gen-2. Watch the segment

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So if you click this, it'll give you this field to enter your text prompt, just like ChatGPT and other AI tools. There are a few options you can start with. Watch the segment

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I've just entered, "a robot walking in the forest, sunset," and click on Generate. Watch the segment

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And here's what it produced. I'll play it. It's only four seconds, and that is the limit with Runway's Gen-2. Watch the segment

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You can play around with the settings. If you click on the Settings option, and there's options to upscale, remove the watermark too, but you do need an upgraded account. Watch the segment

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You can download the video by clicking on download, and then that'll save it directly. Generating videos does consume seconds or credits. Watch the segment

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How much does Gen-2 cost to use? Well, Gen-2 costs five credits per second of video generation, so one credit equals 1 cent. Watch the segment

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Next, let's go ahead and upload an image to see what it produces. Watch the segment

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I'm going to use that exact same example. So robot walking in the forest, sunset, and see what it can produce. Watch the segment

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And this is what it looks like. They do have a three-second limit with these videos and clips. You can download your generated videos by clicking on the download button on the top right corner of the player. Watch the segment

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So out of the three, obviously, Runway's Gen-2 produces the best result, as you can see from the exact prompt that I entered. Watch the segment

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But there you go, that's how you can convert text to videos using AI. As you saw with some of these examples, it's not all perfect, but as AI and its models do progress and advance, so will the results. Watch the segment

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