AH Animated - Jeremy Does a Magic

Summary of the content

The video showcases Jeremy demonstrating magical feats to Michael in the Sky Factory. It involves the use of an endo flame, magic transformation, and coal utilization.

00:00:03 - 00:00:08

Jeremy greets Michael and introduces the endo flame. Watch the segment

00:00:08 - 00:00:14

Introduction to the endo flame's magical properties. Watch the segment

00:00:14 - 00:00:18

Transformation of items into magic. Watch the segment

00:00:18 - 00:00:20

Magic shooting into the pool. Watch the segment

00:00:20 - 00:00:23

Observing the magical pool. Watch the segment

00:00:23 - 00:00:25

Pool glowing with blue magic. Watch the segment

00:00:25 - 00:00:28

Discussion on the magical appearance of water. Watch the segment

00:00:28 - 00:00:33

Discovery of the white magical object. Watch the segment

00:00:33 - 00:00:38

Observing the magical pool and planning to jump in. Watch the segment

00:00:38 - 00:00:45

Preparation for magical day and discussion on using coal. Watch the segment

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