AI Video Generator - Create Realistic Avatar Video with ChatGPT

Summary of the content

This video introduces an AI Video Maker Tool that allows you to create videos with 3D talking avatars generated from ChatGPT prompts. It covers three chapters, showcasing various avatars with different nationalities and languages, engaging in interactive chats with an AI human, and providing a step-by-step guide on how to use the tool.

00:02:02 - 00:03:02

In this segment, the video starts by welcoming the viewers and explaining its structure. Watch the segment

00:03:09 - 00:04:46

Chapter 1 is introduced, where the video demonstrates how to create a video with a 3D talking avatar using ChatGPT prompts. Watch the segment

00:05:06 - 00:05:43

Chapter 2 is highlighted, showcasing 14 avatars with various nationalities and languages. The narrator encourages viewers to share their feedback. Watch the segment

00:05:50 - 00:06:03

The video mentions the upcoming interactive chat with an AI human in the last chapter. Watch the segment

00:06:26 - 00:06:47

The video instructs viewers to register for AI Studio using the provided link to obtain a free trial version. Watch the segment

00:06:32 - 00:07:02

After registration, viewers are guided to click on the "Create a Free Video" button or log in to their dashboard and start generating a video with ChatGPT's help. Watch the segment

00:07:33 - 00:07:48

Viewers are instructed to type their command or prompt for ChatGPT to create a video about becoming more productive. Watch the segment

00:07:53 - 00:08:08

The video advises selecting a desired template and clicking "Create Your Video with ChatGPT" to initiate the video generation process. Watch the segment

00:08:25 - 00:08:42

After the generation process, viewers can start rendering their video or customize it, including changing the avatar, voice, style, object position, and background. Watch the segment

00:09:35 - 00:09:45

The final step involves exporting the video after setup and waiting for the rendering process to complete. Watch the segment

00:09:56 - 00:10:15

The video concludes by presenting an example of the video result. Watch the segment

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