AI Video Generator - FREE Canva Text To Video AI Tutorial

Summary of the content

This Canva text-to-video AI tutorial will be divided into 5 parts, explaining how to use Canva AI video generator and its features.

00:11:20 - 00:32:00

In the first part, you'll learn how to access the Canva Text to Video AI feature. Watch the segment to get started with Canva AI.

00:32:00 - 00:53:20

Part 2 covers enhancing your prompt by specifying a video style. Learn how to achieve better results with Canva AI by specifying styles. Watch the segment for details.

00:53:20 - 01:05:20

In Part 3, you can customize your AI video camera style. Discover how to use different camera styles like the "Drone Camera." Watch the segment to learn more.

01:05:20 - 01:18:40

Part 4 explains how to customize your lens style. Learn about different lens types, such as the "Macro Lens," and their impact on your AI-generated video. Watch the segment for insights.

01:18:40 - 01:30:20

Finally, in Part 5, you'll discover how to add text to your video and make it more engaging using Canva's "Magic Morph." Learn to customize text styles and animations. Watch the segment for a detailed guide.

For a more in-depth tutorial on Canva AI features, you can watch the full video here. Enjoy learning and creating with Canva AI!

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