ASTRO GEMINI (8D Empty Arena Effect with Lyrics)

Summary of the content

The 8D Empty Arena version of ASTRO's 'Gemini' with lyrics creates a captivating experience. The song unfolds emotions under the night sky, blending warmth and coldness.

00:00:15 - 00:00:58

The night unfolds with a cold breeze, embracing the warmth of a single figure in the starry sky. It extracts fear from the narrator's heart, like time standing still. Watch the segment

00:00:58 - 00:01:25

Alone under the beautiful night, waiting for you, the stars illuminate the narrator's longing. The cold wind returns to protect. Watch the segment

00:01:25 - 00:01:46

As the night advances, memories become stars, falling like rain. The narrator wonders if waiting for you is worth the fear. Watch the segment

00:01:56 - 00:01:56

Suppressed tears and lingering pain begin to surface. The narrator grows tired of waiting, and emotions dull. Watch the segment

00:02:06 - 00:02:07

Watching nights pass, emotions become unbearable, and the narrator starts to crumble. Watch the segment

00:02:07 - 00:02:07

Memories turned into stars still wait for you under the beautiful night. The narrator remains faithful, awaiting your return. Watch the segment

00:02:37 - 00:03:17

The night sky illuminates the narrator, and the cold wind returns. Will you protect the narrator through the long dawn, preserving the cherished place in their hearts? Watch the segment

00:03:17 - 00:03:47

Stars and memories rain down like tears. The narrator, lost, appreciates your constant visits, always treasuring your light. Watch the segment

00:03:46 - 00:03:47

EUNWOO corrects, promising to shine like the night stars for you. Will you believe in the narrator, preserving the drawn place in their hearts through the enduring dawn? Watch the segment

00:03:46 - 00:04:09

Always staying close, the narrator expresses eternal gratitude and encourages channel subscriptions. Watch the segment

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