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In this video titled "BEST AI Video Generator - invideo AI," Kevin introduces us to, a powerful AI video generator that transforms text into impressive videos.

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Kevin starts by introducing the best AI video generator, Watch the segment

00:01:00 - 00:03:49

Learn how this AI tool can turn text prompts into stunning videos. Watch the segment

00:03:49 - 00:05:17

Kevin highlights the capabilities of the AI by mentioning the Kevin Cookie Company. Watch the segment

00:05:17 - 00:07:05

Discover the versatility of the AI tool for creating various types of videos. Watch the segment

00:07:05 - 00:08:44

Kevin emphasizes the importance of being descriptive in your prompt. Watch the segment

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Learn how to get started with by creating an account. Watch the segment

00:10:17 - 00:12:11

Explore the user-friendly interface for generating videos using AI. Watch the segment

00:12:11 - 00:13:48

Kevin guides you on entering the description for your video prompt. Watch the segment

00:13:48 - 00:15:27

Kevin demonstrates how to customize your video prompt for specific needs. Watch the segment

00:15:27 - 00:17:04

Discover the options for different workflows to improve your prompt. Watch the segment

00:17:04 - 00:18:29

Kevin explains the process of generating your video using AI. Watch the segment

00:18:29 - 00:19:52

Learn how to provide additional guidance for video creation. Watch the segment

00:19:52 - 00:21:05

Explore audience targeting and defining the look and feel of your video. Watch the segment

00:21:05 - 00:22:36

Kevin specifies the platform and details of the video. Watch the segment

00:22:36 - 00:24:02

Kevin sets the tone and script for the video. Watch the segment

00:24:02 - 00:25:38

Kevin highlights specific elements to include in the video. Watch the segment

00:25:38 - 00:27:20

Discover the importance of a call to action in your video prompt. Watch the segment

00:27:20 - 00:29:12

Kevin chooses an authoritative British voice for the voiceover. Watch the segment

00:29:12 - 00:31:06

Explore assistance options for refining your prompt. Watch the segment

00:31:06 - 00:33:11

Kevin generates the video based on the provided prompt. Watch the segment

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Learn about the options available for further refinement of the video. Watch the segment

00:35:36 - 00:37:21

Kevin showcases the control over media used in the video. Watch the segment

00:37:21 - 00:39:21

Kevin demonstrates how to replace stock footage with your own media. Watch the segment

00:39:21 - 00:41:15

Discover how to edit the script and make minor tweaks. Watch the segment

00:41:15 - 00:43:06

Kevin explores options for changing the voiceover and music. Watch the segment

00:43:06 - 00:45:08

Kevin shares the process of exporting the generated video. Watch the segment

00:45:08 - 00:46:52

Explore export settings, including resolution and watermark options. Watch the segment

00:46:52 - 00:49:04

Kevin discusses pricing plans and options for watermark removal. Watch the segment

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Kevin concludes by showing the rendered video and options for sharing. [Watch the segment](https

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