Bring any photo to life ai video generator-text to speech-3d avatar talking ai

Summary of the content

The video is about using artificial intelligence tools to bring photos to life, convert images into 3D avatars, and add voiceovers.

00:00:00 - 00:03:00

The video starts with a brief foreign introduction. Watch the segment

00:15:40 - 00:20:58

The narrator welcomes viewers to their educational channel, specialized in everything related to artificial intelligence tools. Watch the segment

00:26:19 - 00:30:00

In this segment, the video discusses how to bring any photo to life and convert it into a 3D avatar with voice using AI technology. Watch the segment

00:35:40 - 00:38:04

The video explains the use of text-to-speech tools and AI video generation. Watch the segment

00:45:30 - 00:47:12

The narrator emphasizes how technology can bring life back to images. Watch the segment

00:50:21 - 00:52:59

The segment encourages viewers to follow a step-by-step tutorial, whether they are content creators, marketers, or individuals looking to bring photos to life. Watch the segment

00:56:60 - 00:58:23

The narrator invites viewers to visit the Haken Dotai website and start the process. Watch the segment

01:01:18 - 01:02:07

Instructions on creating a free account and logging into the site are given. Watch the segment

01:04:52 - 01:06:08

The video guides users on creating a video by uploading an image to the site. Watch the segment

01:09:45 - 01:11:48

Viewers are instructed on changing the size of the video and picture if needed. Watch the segment

01:14:56 - 01:16:26

The narrator discusses entering text in the prompt bar, choosing dialect language, and voice. Watch the segment

01:20:07 - 01:21:19

The segment concludes with instructions to press submit and create the video. Watch the segment

01:24:09 - 01:26:25

After creating the video, users can download it to their devices from the top right of the video. Watch the segment

01:29:29 - 01:31:07

The video ends with a summary of the process and the narrator's result. Watch the segment

01:35:33 - 01:37:12

The narrator addresses the audience, encourages them to activate notifications, and thanks them for watching. Watch the segment

01:40:09 - 01:42:00

The video concludes with a final message, asking viewers to like, comment, subscribe, and activate notifications for future videos. Watch the segment

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