Buy or Bye- Revisiting the Pika 3D Printer Pen

Summary of the content

The Pika 3D Printer Pen is tested for creative fixes, from plastic tabs to a puffer duster cap. The video explores its potential uses and challenges.

00:00:00 - 00:56:00

Initial overview and introduction to the Pika 3D Printer Pen. Watch the segment

00:56:00 - 01:32:00

Testing the pen on a broken plastic tab of a puffer duster cap. Watch the segment

01:32:00 - 02:17:00

Discussion on the potential uses and downsides of the 3D printer pen. Watch the segment

02:17:00 - 03:00:00

Exploring creative playtime and promises of the Pika 3D printer pen. Watch the segment

03:00:00 - 03:46:00

Viewer suggestions and email from Joe Klein. Watch the segment

03:46:00 - 04:26:00

Testing the 3D printer pen on a broken puffer duster cap. Watch the segment

04:26:00 - 05:06:00

Attempted repair and challenges with curing plastic. Watch the segment

05:06:00 - 05:54:00

Follow-up on using the pen with a teenager. Watch the segment

05:54:00 - 06:26:00

Reflection on the experiment and potential improvements. Watch the segment

06:26:00 - 07:06:19

Teaser for the next episode involving a cooking experiment. Watch the segment

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