ChatGPT Code Interpreter - Complete Tutorial including Prompt List

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ChatGPT has released a groundbreaking update known as Code Interpreter, which is now available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. This update offers a wide range of capabilities, including the analysis of various file types, data sets, and more.

00:00:00 - 00:53:30

In the initial segment of the video, the speaker introduces the Code Interpreter feature and emphasizes its availability exclusively to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. To watch this segment, click here.

00:53:60 - 02:11:30

During this time, the video explains the versatility of Code Interpreter, highlighting its ability to analyze different file types and provide valuable insights. Watch this segment here.

02:11:65 - 03:54:55

The video elaborates on Code Interpreter's capability to analyze entire data sets and present them visually. You can view this segment here.

03:57:25 - 05:17:25

This part of the video demonstrates Code Interpreter's proficiency in handling Python code and working with images. Watch it here.

05:22:05 - 06:22:90

The speaker explains the process of activating Code Interpreter for ChatGPT Plus users. This segment is accessible here.

06:26:60 - 07:19:00

If you're interested in activating Code Interpreter but don't have it yet, the video suggests waiting a few days as it rolls out. View this part here.

07:23:75 - 08:14:30

The video introduces using Code Interpreter with different prompts and offers valuable tips for optimizing your experience. Watch this segment here.

08:15:34 - 09:25:35

Learn how to upload and interact with your own data sets in Code Interpreter, allowing you to extract valuable insights. View this part here.

09:27:85 - 10:00:00

The video concludes by highlighting the potential of Code Interpreter for various tasks, including data analysis and visual presentations. To watch the final segment, click here.

That wraps up the key points from this informative video about Code Interpreter by ChatGPT. Remember, Code Interpreter is a powerful tool that can streamline various tasks, making it a valuable addition to ChatGPT Plus. Explore its features and make the most of this innovative update!

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