Convert Text to Optical illusion Images - Stable Diffusion Illusion Art AI generator

Summary of the Content

In this video, you'll learn how to use AI to transform plain text into captivating optical illusion images.

00:05:20 - 00:01:51

The video begins by introducing the concept of turning simple text into engaging optical illusions. Watch the segment

00:01:51 - 00:02:13

The presenter demonstrates the transformation process, showing how ordinary text can become intricate illusions. Watch the segment

00:02:13 - 00:03:27

They explain the use of the Illusion Diffusion AI tool from Hugging Space for this purpose. Watch the segment

00:03:27 - 00:04:36

Before using the tool, they guide you on creating your text using Canva. Watch the segment

00:04:36 - 00:05:34

Detailed instructions on how to create text in Canva are provided. Watch the segment

00:05:34 - 00:06:35

The importance of having the text centered for the AI image creation process is emphasized. Watch the segment

00:06:35 - 00:07:30

After creating the text, they proceed to download it. Watch the segment

00:07:30 - 00:08:26

Next, they demonstrate how to access Illusion Diffusion and upload your text image. Watch the segment

00:08:26 - 00:09:14

They explain the importance of setting the illusion strength and giving a prompt. Watch the segment

00:09:14 - 00:10:02

The video shows the process of running the AI, with tips on handling potential errors. Watch the segment

00:10:02 - 00:11:20

Finally, the result of the AI transformation is revealed, creating a visually stunning image based on the provided prompt. Watch the segment

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