Crea Videos con Una Imagen con Inteligencia Artificial (Stable Video)

Summary of the content

The video explores testing a new stable Fusion video model, generating images through diffusion on the seart platform, and evaluating results. It emphasizes free testing on Face hacking for non-commercial use.

00:00:02 - 00:01:03

Brief intro to the video, testing stable Fusion model, and providing free trial links. Watch the segment

00:01:43 - 00:03:26

Testing realistic image generation using specific parameters. Watch the segment

00:04:05 - 00:05:54

Trying a different type of image with altered parameters. Watch the segment

00:06:18 - 00:07:41

Experimenting with another image type and generating results. Watch the segment

00:08:15 - 00:09:42

Testing generated images in the stable video and discussing platform options. Watch the segment

00:10:04 - 00:11:17

Overview of the testing process and limitations of the new model. Watch the segment

00:11:57 - 00:13:27

Discussing alternatives like pic laabs and Gen 2. Watch the segment

00:14:17 - 00:15:40

Final example with a different image and presenting results. Watch the segment

00:16:08 - 00:17:32

Concluding remarks on the new model's potential and its early stage. Watch the segment

00:18:06 - 00:19:09

Closing words and invitation for the audience to try and explore. Watch the segment

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