Creare illusioni ottiche con l&-39;IA

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The video titled "Creare illusioni ottiche con l'IA" explores the creation of optical illusions using generative artificial intelligence tools. It delves into various models and techniques for generating images with hidden patterns and optical effects.

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In recent days, the internet has been flooded with particular images of optical illusions created with artificial intelligence. These images hide words and patterns within them. Watch the segment

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The video introduces the Illusion by Fusion HQ tool, which allows users to create optical illusions easily. The interface is basic, and you can choose patterns or upload your own for generating illusions. Watch the segment

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The most critical parameter for creating illusions is the strength of the effect. A value around 1 is recommended. You can input prompts to influence the image generation process. Watch the segment

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The video demonstrates the generation of an optical illusion with the "Labyrinth" prompt and the Vincos image. Users can control various settings to fine-tune their creations. Watch the segment

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The second tool, "Patterns from the Company," is introduced. It provides predefined patterns and text-based pattern generation options. Users can experiment with different prompts. Watch the segment

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Users can adjust parameters like pattern strength, resolution, and the number of steps for detailed image creation. The video showcases the creation of a night cityscape illusion. Watch the segment

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The Fusion Art tool is introduced, offering a simplified interface for generating illusions. Users can choose patterns, input prompts, and adjust parameters for image generation. Watch the segment

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The video explores the generation of illusions with text-based prompts and font selection. Different illusion effects are demonstrated. Watch the segment

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The video concludes by highlighting the potential of generative AI for creating captivating social media content and its role as a passing trend in AI. Watch the segment

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