DALL-E 3 Is Now Free For Everyone!

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The video discusses the features and capabilities of DALL-E 3, a new image generator AI that is now available for free to everyone.

00:00:00 - 00:02:00

The video starts with the exciting news that DALL-E 3 is now free for everyone to use. Watch the segment

00:02:00 - 00:03:32

The narrator encourages viewers to check out the video description for a link to DALL-E 3 and hints at some surprises. Watch the segment

00:03:32 - 00:05:19

The video introduces the topic of DALL-E 3's capabilities, specifically its ability to visualize proverbs. Watch the segment

00:05:19 - 00:07:24

The narrator discusses DALL-E 3's performance in generating images based on prompts, showcasing its potential for creative outputs. Watch the segment

00:07:24 - 00:09:14

The video touches on character consistency and how DALL-E 3 can maintain it across different settings, highlighting its versatility. Watch the segment

00:09:14 - 00:11:01

The narrator discusses how users can request different character ages, demonstrating the impressive text-to-image AI results. Watch the segment

00:11:01 - 00:12:45

The video introduces Runway's interpolation technique and its application to DALL-E 3's images, providing a link for viewers to explore the results. Watch the segment

00:12:45 - 00:14:44

The narrator highlights DALL-E 3's proficiency in creating sketches and hints at the possibility of generating sketches of viewers. Watch the segment

00:14:44 - 00:16:32

The video emphasizes the ability of DALL-E 3 to work with text effectively, marking a historic moment in AI development. Watch the segment

00:16:32 - 00:18:08

The narrator discusses the imaginative capabilities of DALL-E 3, showcasing its ability to generate a wide range of creative images. Watch the segment

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