Epic Roasting Battle - Harsh Vs Playground - Playground Uncut - EP 2 - Ft. @Harshgujral

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The Playground Uncut - EP 2 features a hilarious roasting battle between Harsh and Playground contestants, bringing raw and real moments.

00:00:02 - 00:00:55

Harsh Gujral impresses as a judge with his unique hosting style, winning over the contestants. Watch the segment

00:00:52 - 00:01:47

The daily and improv sessions bring laughter, with Harsh sharing amusing anecdotes. Watch the segment

00:01:44 - 00:03:02

Harsh humorously recounts wedding expenses and light installations, creating a hilarious atmosphere. Watch the segment

00:03:30 - 00:05:20

A comedy mix featuring foreign passports and marital humor, with Harsh earning praise. Watch the segment

00:05:13 - 00:06:35

Harsh jokes about love, makeup, and relief, bringing continuous laughter. Watch the segment

00:06:32 - 00:07:45

Humorous take on NRI visas and choosing habits, adding spice to the episode. Watch the segment

00:07:45 - 00:10:10

Engaging commentary on video popularity, style, and intriguing behind-the-scenes moments. Watch the segment

00:10:07 - 00:11:42

Comedic observations on Desi vs. Englishman and playful banter among participants. Watch the segment

00:11:37 - 00:12:21

Post-show insights and a quick plug for Rumble Play Games and Connect Up. Watch the segment

00:11:37 - 00:12:37

Harsh shares info about Rumble Play Games and Connect Up, urging viewers to check them out. Watch the segment

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