GEMINI 4- America&-39;s Epic Space Odyssey

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The Gemini 4 mission in 1965 was a pivotal moment in American space exploration, featuring the first-ever spacewalk by an American astronaut and showcasing technological advancements.

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Did Gemini 4 pave the way to the moon's mysteries? Explore the pivotal mission Watch the segment

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NASA's Gemini program: A turning point in American space exploration Watch the segment

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Gemini 4 launch on June 3, 1965, with astronauts James McDivitt and Ed White Watch the segment

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Ed White's historic spacewalk, the first by an American astronaut Watch the segment

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Gemini 4's crucial spacewalk demonstrated working in the vacuum of space Watch the segment

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Technological advancements in spacecraft design and maneuverability Watch the segment

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Gemini 4's impact on future moon landings and the Apollo program Watch the segment

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The mission's contribution to lunar achievements Watch the segment

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Closing in on the conclusion of Gemini 4's historic journey Watch the segment

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