(GEMINI) Beautiful Day مترجم Welcome to Samdal ri OST Part 2 الرجوع إلى سامدال ري -kdramaost

Summary of the content

The video explores the beauty and challenges of life, echoing the sentiment of a beautiful day.

00:00:02 - 00:00:32

It's a beautiful day, long-awaited. The narrative reflects on the sun, portraying the anticipation and awakening. Watch the segment

00:00:28 - 00:00:51

Longing for the sun, the protagonist faces an inner struggle. The lyrics convey a sense of reluctance to confront certain truths. Watch the segment

00:00:46 - 00:01:17

Expressing hesitation and reluctance, the lyrics delve into the challenge the protagonist doesn't want to face again. Watch the segment

00:01:10 - 00:01:34

The narrative emphasizes the protagonist's constant presence and resistance to change. Watch the segment

00:01:31 - 00:01:50

Revealing realization, the lyrics highlight the beauty that was obscured, marking a turning point. Watch the segment

00:01:49 - 00:02:17

Revisiting the theme of waiting for the sun, the protagonist reflects on the prolonged inner struggle. Watch the segment

00:02:12 - 00:02:43

Facing the internal battle again, the lyrics question the purpose, echoing the reluctance to confront. Watch the segment

00:02:39 - 00:02:58

Persisting in the familiar, the narrative captures the protagonist's enduring nature. Watch the segment

00:02:46 - 00:03:28

Revelation brings clarity, depicting the realization of the beautiful day amidst the challenges. Watch the segment

00:03:25 - 00:03:55

The closing segment echoes the theme of a beautiful day, encapsulating the essence of the journey. Watch the segment

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