GEMINI(제미나이) - Still Blue (Short Film)

Summary of the content

The short film "Still Blue" by GEMINI introduces a new company and collaborator, delving into the artist's journey to create music true to personal taste.

00:00:00 - 00:13:04

Introduction to the new company and friend. Classco seminar and reflections on previous music styles. Watch the segment

00:17:30 - 00:47:57

Transition to making music aligned with personal preferences. A shift towards creating music for oneself. Watch the segment

00:46:11 - 01:01:19

Continuation of the artist's journey in making music that resonates personally. Insights into the process of crafting the album. Watch the segment

01:02:30 - 01:21:14

Reflection on the enjoyable process of creating music without external pressures. Watch the segment

01:18:30 - 01:40:59

Expressing the artist's carefree approach to music-making and the joy derived from the creative process. Watch the segment

01:38:50 - 02:15:08

Applause-filled segment expressing satisfaction with the album and the artist's carefree attitude. Watch the segment

02:09:05 - 03:09:10

Continuation of the applause-filled segment with expressions of joy in music creation. Watch the segment

03:09:25 - 03:57:30

Final moments with applause and expressions of longing for a little more. Watch the segment

03:57:45 - 04:44:00

Closing moments of applause. Artist's wish for a bit more content. Watch the segment

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