GEMINI(제미나이) - UFO (feat. Seori) (Official Video)

Summary of the content

The video features GEMINI's 1st EP [Inside Out], with the title "UFO" featuring Seori. The content explores themes of curiosity and self-discovery.

00:00:00 - 00:24:49

The video kicks off with "I got a final UFO," setting the tone for exploration and wonder. Watch the segment

00:14:22 - 00:33:49

The narrative evolves with "I want to know," delving deeper into the quest for understanding. Watch the segment

00:26:46 - 01:05:46

A significant time period unfolds, building anticipation. Watch the segment

01:05:57 - 01:55:40

Mystery intensifies, creating intrigue. Watch the segment

01:52:08 - 02:05:19

The focus narrows on personal reflection with "My." Watch the segment

02:05:20 - 02:49:19

"I" emerges as a central theme, emphasizing individuality. Watch the segment

02:44:32 - 02:53:29

Expressing desires with "I just wanna." Watch the segment

02:53:39 - 03:07:19

Transitioning with an emotional interlude "Oh." Watch the segment

03:04:39 - 03:26:39

Exploring the essence of "Is you." Watch the segment

03:26:40 - 03:28:48

The video concludes, leaving a lasting impression. Watch the segment

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