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The video titled "GEMINI🎈⭐MUST👀🎈💰⭐🎈SUDDEN WINDFALL!🎈💰⭐🎈UNEXPECTED BIG MONEY!🎈💰⭐🎈💰⭐🎈💰🎈YOUR MONEY💰⭐🎈⭐DECEMBER 2023" is a detailed reading for Geminis focusing on money, work, and career for December 2023. The astrologer predicts significant financial changes, healing, and new beginnings.

00:05:59 - 02:16:39

The reading starts with water energy, emphasizing healing and purification. Challenges are predicted, but a new beginning follows. The sacred forest advises going with the flow for healing and success. Major impacts, including the eight of Wands, indicate quick decision-making opportunities with potential delays.

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02:17:19 - 04:34:20

The anchor signifies stability and potential money blocks, leading to financial soundness. The gift card hints at sudden windfalls, surprises in work, and financial support. The butterfly spirit suggests memories and motivation for moving forward. The reading highlights stability, generosity, and unexpected surprises.

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04:34:40 - 06:56:00

The turkey spirit emphasizes gratitude and grace, indicating protection and freedom. The lion and scarab beetle represent magic and positive changes. The canary spirit encourages singing your own song, symbolizing a new beginning. The unknown territory card advises embracing unfamiliar experiences with courage.

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06:56:20 - 09:16:39

The wheel of Fortune, lovers, and four of swords cards suggest major victories, success, and wishes coming true. A decision about partnerships is highlighted, promising great success and celebrations. The conflict indicated by the five of Pentacles may be related to money, but patience and support will bring stability and happiness.

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09:16:59 - 11:55:20

The new beginning card symbolizes realization, understanding, and truth, leading to great victories. The five of Pentacles is clarified, indicating a situation out of control and potential involvement of Earth energy (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn). The reading concludes with the prediction of a grand victory and a life-changing windfall.

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