Gemini- All you need to know in 90 seconds

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Gemini, Google's advanced AI model, revolutionizes understanding by processing text, code, audio, and images. It excels in scientific research, software development, and safety-oriented design.

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Introduction to Gemini's foundational breakthroughs in AI.

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Gemini's ability to search scientific papers and distinguish relevant information.

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AlphaGo 2 powered by Gemini, solving problems at an impressive rate.

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Gemini's impact on transforming software development.

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00:08:27 - 00:11:51

Balancing speed, aerodynamics, safety, and responsibility in design.

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Expectations for developers and enterprise customers, with Gemini available in three sizes.

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00:12:18 - 00:15:18

Introduction to Gemini Ultra, Pro, and Nano models, each serving specific tasks.

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Reflection on the monumental engineering task and its exciting challenges.

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