Gemini- ChatGPT-Like AI From Google DeepMind!

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Gemini, Google DeepMind's AI, is a powerful multimodal AI with capabilities ranging from math problem solving to meta-analysis of research papers. It achieves superhuman performance across diverse tasks, outperforming Chad GPT in various benchmarks.

00:00:00 - 01:12:20

Gemini's introduction and overview of its capabilities. Watch the segment

01:12:20 - 02:15:19

Exploring Gemini's ability to analyze and summarize genetic research papers. Watch the segment

02:15:19 - 03:32:19

Gemini's automatic paper evaluation and data extraction, along with coding solutions. Watch the segment

03:32:19 - 04:28:00

Gemini's coding prowess, efficient solutions, and web app generation. Watch the segment

04:28:00 - 05:34:00

Comparison with Chad GPT, showcasing Gemini's superhuman performance. Watch the segment

05:34:00 - 06:39:19

Gemini's universality across diverse domains and its three different versions. Watch the segment

06:39:19 - 07:47:00

Insights from the paper, including training details and the concept of specialist vs. generalist AI. Watch the segment

07:47:00 - 08:57:00

Gemini's availability and the potential impact on the AI landscape. Watch the segment

08:57:00 - 09:57:00

Google Bard's association with Gemini, potential staggered rollout, and the excitement to try it. Watch the segment

09:57:00 - 10:53:00

Closing thoughts, encouragement to try Google Bard, and a sponsor mention. Watch the segment

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