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The Gemini♊ Love Tarot Reading explores themes of romantic love, forgiveness, reconciliation, gaining knowledge, happiness, new beginnings, progress, positive changes, feminine energy, and surprises.

00:00:06 - 00:01:39

Gemini romantic love forgiveness Watch the segment

00:57:20 - 02:11:39

Reconciliation and learning Watch the segment

01:39:00 - 02:45:00

Gaining knowledge and happiness Watch the segment

02:11:39 - 03:24:19

Wish fulfillment and new love Watch the segment

02:45:00 - 04:23:00

Progress and starting over Watch the segment

03:24:19 - 05:04:00

Positive change and feminine energy Watch the segment

04:23:00 - 05:50:39

Surprises and gifts for feminine energy Watch the segment

05:04:00 - 06:01:00

Happiness from a surprise gift Watch the segment

05:50:39 - 06:51:59

Wishes coming true and new beginnings Watch the segment

06:51:59 - 07:17:19

Positive changes and happiness Watch the segment

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