Gemini ♊ मिथुन Rashi No Contact Situation Love Tarot Reading -geminihoroscope -tarot-mithunrashifal

Summary of the content

The tarot reading explores a Gemini's situation in a no-contact love scenario, revealing challenges, reflections, and potential growth.

12:40 - 08:19

Discovering the current emotional state, the reading reveals struggles and stress in the relationship. Watch the segment

13:06 - 16:40

Examining the past challenges, the cards suggest a major cycle has ended, and a new beginning is sought. Watch the segment

16:12 - 25:02

The individual desires a fresh start due to financial troubles and a sense of suffocation in the relationship. Watch the segment

24:33 - 32:41

Reflecting on the person's efforts, the reading indicates a manifestation of personal growth and setting new terms for the relationship. Watch the segment

40:39 - 40:41

The cards reveal a transition for the person, moving thoughtfully and calculatively, seeking balance and a new beginning. Watch the segment

49:16 - 58:00

The person contemplates a new start, wanting to move past manipulation and cheating, aiming for a balanced future. Watch the segment

57:39 - 1:06:42

Divine guidance suggests clear communication for a positive change in the relationship. Watch the segment

1:06:10 - 1:15:04

Assurance that the situation will improve through communication and a focus on career growth. Watch the segment

1:14:27 - 1:25:04

The final segment encourages communication, promising positive changes with Divine guidance. Watch the segment

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