GitHub Copilot just got exponentially smarter

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GitHub Copilot has become more intelligent, addressing limitations in understanding entire projects. The update introduces a new workspace command, enabling Copilot to search the entire project locally, providing holistic answers. Additionally, all chat in Copilot is now handled by GPT-4.

00:00:00 - 00:39:48

GitHub Copilot struggles with project-wide context. The new workspace command resolves this, allowing Copilot to search the entire project on your local machine. Watch the segment

00:37:43 - 01:15:40

With the workspace command, Copilot gains a broader understanding of your project, offering holistic answers. It now uses GPT-4 for improved performance. Watch the segment

01:15:19 - 01:52:39

Copilot locates the desired code in the project, providing a specific location. The new workspace command enhances its knowledge. Watch the segment

01:50:35 - 02:25:20

Utilizing Copilot for iterative development, the user adds a Facebook button with real-time code updates. Watch the segment

02:25:27 - 03:05:20

Introducing speech-to-text support in VS Code with the VS Code Speech extension. The user interacts with Copilot using voice commands for faster coding. Watch the segment

03:05:27 - 03:45:20

Co-pilot assists in troubleshooting errors, providing suggestions and solutions for a seamless coding experience. Watch the segment

03:42:59 - 04:08:00

The VS Code Speech extension enables speech-to-text interaction, allowing the user to efficiently communicate with Copilot. Watch the segment

04:06:20 - 05:02:80

Copilot simplifies the commit process by suggesting commit messages, enhancing the overall coding workflow. Watch the segment

05:00:29 - 06:26:80

Utilizing Copilot for PR descriptions, streamlining the process of creating pull requests. The efficiency of Copilot is highlighted in commit messages and PR descriptions. Watch the segment

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