Google Gemini重磅发布,能力碾压GPT-4,最强原生多模态、语言理解首超人类!

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The Google Gemini, with Ultra, Pro, and Nano versions, was recently launched as a powerful multi-modal model, surpassing GPT-4 in various domains. This article provides a concise overview and detailed insights into its capabilities.

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Google Gemini, the ultimate model, was strategically released to compete with OpenAI. The Ultra version excels in multi-modal capabilities, surpassing GPT-4 in text, images, audio, and video. Watch the segment here.

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Gemini comprises Ultra, Pro, and Nano versions. Ultra dominates in parameters, while Pro aligns with GPT-3.5. Nano is designed for mobile devices. Compare their sizes here.

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Gemini Pro is available on Bard, with plans for Nano on mobiles. Developers can access it through Google AI Studio and Google Cloud AI. Explore the details here.

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Gemini's diverse applications include search, advertising, and integration into Chrome. Ultra, with trillions of parameters, outshines GPT-4, offering seamless multi-modal understanding. Dive into Gemini's potential here.

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Gemini is a native multi-modal model, outclassing existing approaches. Its performance on 32 academic benchmarks, especially MMLU, surpasses human experts. Check the results here.

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Gemini excels in text reasoning, math, and code tasks, showcasing its superiority over GPT-4. In multi-modal tests, it outperforms GPT-4, emphasizing its state-of-the-art capabilities. Explore the details here.

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Gemini's real-world applications shine in tasks like visual recognition and interactive challenges. Witness its impressive performance in recognizing objects, playing games, and even performing magic tricks. See it in action here.

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Gemini's creativity stands out in generating items from colored yarn. Witness its ability to transform yarn into fruit, cakes, and animals, showcasing strong image input and output capabilities. Check it out here.

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Gemini's cognitive abilities are evident as it correctly identifies images, demonstrates common sense, and tackles challenging tasks. Its speed and accuracy make it a remarkable AI model. Explore more here.

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Gemini's adaptability shines in diverse scenarios, from recognizing animals to solving puzzles. Its quick responses and understanding of context make it a powerful tool. Witness its versatility here.

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