Google Unveils AI Model Called Gemini

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Alphabet's Google unveils Gemini, its most powerful AI model. The market initially had a muted response, but later, the shares surged. Google aims to compete with OpenAI in the AI space. Watch the segment

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Google's Gemini comes in three versions, including Gemini Ultra, touted as more powerful than ChatGPT-4. It's set to roll out to Enterprise and developers next year. Watch the segment

08:02:40 - 11:33:20

Gemini is natively multimodal, pre-trained to handle both text and images. Google aims for an AI that feels like a helpful collaborator. Market response is slow, possibly due to product completeness concerns. Watch the segment

11:33:20 - 15:06:40

Analysts suggest potential distribution advantage for Alphabet over OpenAI. Market reacts positively, with Google's stock up by more than 5%. Watch the segment

15:06:40 - 18:41:19

Gemini's impact on the market continues, with a notable rise in shares. Investors now processing the news, seeing potential advantages for Alphabet. Watch the segment

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