Google announces Gemini, its answer to ChatGPT

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Google announces Gemini, its latest AI model, in a bid to outpace rivals like Microsoft and OpenAI. CNBC's Deirdre Bosa presents an overview of Gemini, showcasing its capabilities in language generation and multimodal recognition. Watch the segment

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Explore the creative side of Gemini as it generates images with various colors and animals. Google's next-gen generative AI demonstrates its versatility. Watch the segment

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Gemini's multimodal prowess extends to text, images, sounds, and video, positioning it as a powerful AI system in the market. A comparison with OpenAI's model highlights Google's claims of superiority. Watch the segment

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Attendees at Barkley's TMT Summit share insights on AI applications and advancements. Kristen Roth declark discusses the buzz around Gemini and its impact on various sectors. Watch the segment

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AI's impact on efficiency and innovation across verticals like healthcare and education is a key discussion. Contrasting earlier announcements, the conversation shifts towards AI's tangible effects on industry. Watch the segment

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Reflecting on Google's stock performance, the discussion delves into AI's role in driving market expectations. The evolving landscape suggests investors seek more substantive AI announcements in 2024. Watch the segment

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Google's stock growth prompts a consideration of the ecosystem around AI models. Partnerships and collaborations become pivotal in creating buzz and economic activity. Watch the segment

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The role of partnerships in building momentum around AI technology is emphasized. Google's focus on TPU chips as an alternative to Nvidia's adds a layer to the generative AI landscape. Watch the segment

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