HUGE Midjourney Update on V6 and 3D... with one small catch

Summary of the content

The video provides updates on Midjourney's V6 and 3D developments, including a delay in V6 release, Version 5 improvements, and exciting 3D advancements with a caveat.

00:02:59 - 01:30:20

Midjourney discusses the delayed V6 release, promising a significant update. Additionally, Version 5 improvements involve a less opinionated output and an aesthetic personalization system. Watch the segment

01:31:39 - 02:38:59

Exploration of upscaler technologies in V6, aiming for larger grids and improved consistency. The discussion addresses community questions about thumbnail differences. Watch the segment

02:39:00 - 04:02:60

A complete website redesign for better performance and user experience is revealed. Midjourney plans to move away from Discord in the long run. Watch the segment

04:03:39 - 05:06:00

The highlight is on the highly anticipated 3D developments, including challenges and promising tests. The discussion covers expectations for 3D artists and potential mesh exports. Watch the segment

05:07:19 - 05:46:00

Midjourney emphasizes the focus on obtaining high-quality images in 3D, with less priority on clean topology for mesh exports. The discussion anticipates future improvements based on market demands. Watch the segment

05:47:19 - 06:43:00

The video wraps up with Midjourney's transparency in addressing community questions during the office hours. The presenter hints at future content updates and seeks feedback for channel direction. Watch the segment

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