Hands-on with Gemini- Interacting with multimodal AI

Summary of the content

Gemini is a multimodal AI model explored in this video, showcasing its capabilities across text, images, audio, video, and code.

00:00:16 - 00:00:56

Introduction to Gemini's abilities, recognizing images and generating descriptions. Watch the segment

00:09:02 - 00:14:26

Discussion about a rubber duck, its material, and language translation. Watch the segment

00:14:08 - 00:20:17

Exploring Mandarin pronunciation and creating a game called "Guess the Country." Watch the segment

00:19:46 - 00:26:39

Continuation of the game, "Guess the Country," with clues and interactions. Watch the segment

00:25:57 - 00:32:51

Engaging in activities like rock-paper-scissors and making objects disappear. Watch the segment

00:33:06 - 00:38:56

Creativity session with yarn colors and drawing suggestions. Watch the segment

00:38:22 - 00:45:49

Decision-making scenario for the duck, discussing design choices, and creating loud music. Watch the segment

00:45:55 - 00:53:06

Drawing interpretation, acting scenes, and predicting cat behavior. Watch the segment

00:53:29 - 00:59:56

Final drawing review featuring the constellation Gemini. Watch the segment

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