How To Get ChatGPT APP for iPhone 🧠👇🏻(OpenAI Official Download)

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The ChatGPT App for iPhone is introduced by Tech Timmy. He discusses its features, warns about potential scams, and demonstrates its speed, comparing it to the desktop version.

00:06:20 - 00:16:36

Tech Timmy introduces the ChatGPT app, its availability on the App Store, and cautions against scams. Watch the segment

00:16:56 - 00:27:59

Discussion on the risk of fake apps and potential scams. Users are advised to be cautious when downloading. Watch the segment

00:29:19 - 00:45:09

Tech Timmy emphasizes the importance of avoiding scams and fake apps. Watch the segment

00:45:29 - 00:56:00

Quick demo of the ChatGPT app's speed, comparing it to the desktop version. Watch the segment

00:56:20 - 01:15:39

Tech Timmy shares the three best places to kayak near Boston, using ChatGPT. Watch the segment

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