How the Pika Adapts to Climate Change - Hot Mess 🌎

Summary of the content

The video explores how pikas adapt to climate change, focusing on their behaviors and challenges in a warming world.

00:00:00 - 00:07:42

The introduction covers the funders of the video, followed by a mix of a potato, guinea pig, and Alpine mountain climber—the pika. Watch the segment here.

00:07:42 - 00:13:45

Pikas' high-altitude life and adaptation to warmer temperatures are discussed. Check it out here.

00:13:45 - 00:23:15

Exploration of how rising temperatures affect pika habitats, drawing parallels to islands flooding. Watch the segment here.

00:23:15 - 00:27:30

Insight into the impact of climate change on pika mountain habitats. See it here.

00:27:30 - 00:35:10

Discussion on pikas as indicators of climate change and their population declines. Watch the segment here.

00:35:10 - 00:41:49

Exploration of the effects of climate change on various species worldwide. Check it out here.

00:41:49 - 00:47:21

Insights into pikas adapting by moving to different habitats and changing their diet. See the segment here.

00:47:21 - 00:53:34

Discussion on pikas using new strategies, like stretching out their bodies, to cope with heat. Watch it here.

00:53:34 - 00:59:25

Exploration of potential climate change-related animal extinctions, with pikas facing challenges. Check the segment here.

00:59:25 - 01:03:54

Reflection on how pikas' challenges can provide lessons for humans facing similar climate change issues. See it here.

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