How to Use DALL E 3 FREE Access (without ChatGPT Plus) AI Art Generator

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The video explains how to access and use DALL E 3, a free AI art generator by OpenAI, without the need for ChatGPT Plus. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to access DALL E 3 and create AI-generated images.

00:01:20 - 00:01:48

The video introduces DALL E 3 as a free AI art generator by OpenAI, positioning it as an alternative to stable diffusion and Midjourney. Watch the segment

00:01:48 - 00:02:56

Explains the process of accessing DALL E 3 for free, starting with visiting Watch the segment

00:02:56 - 00:03:46

Demonstrates signing in with a Microsoft account to access DALL E 3's image creator dashboard. Watch the segment

00:03:46 - 00:04:46

Provides an overview of the image creator dashboard, including prompts and boost tokens. Watch the segment

00:04:46 - 00:05:29

Explains the use of boost tokens for quicker image generation and mentions exploring other images created by users. Watch the segment

00:05:29 - 00:06:05

Highlights frequently asked questions and Microsoft rewards section on the DALL E 3 image generator page. Watch the segment

00:06:05 - 00:06:56

Introduces the option to customize images and mentions the Bing logo watermark. Watch the segment

00:06:56 - 00:07:42

Compares image creation time with and without using boost tokens. Watch the segment

00:07:42 - 00:08:27

Describes an alternative method of accessing DALL E 3 through Bing chat. Watch the segment

00:08:27 - 00:09:16

Shows how to change prompts and create images within Bing chat. Watch the segment

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