How to Use Pika Labs AI Private chat in Discord Tutorial

Summary of the content

The video demonstrates how to add Pika Labs AI to private chat or servers in Discord.

00:00:00 - 00:09:39

Introduction to adding P Labs to your private chat channel in Discord. Watch the segment

00:09:40 - 00:16:40

Navigating the P Labs server and accessing the members list to find the Pika bot. Watch the segment

00:16:41 - 00:26:39

Initiating a direct message with the Pika bot and exploring the features. Watch the segment

00:26:40 - 00:33:19

Sending messages to make Pika Labs appear permanently in direct messages. Watch the segment

00:33:20 - 00:42:00

Engaging in one-on-one chat and creating images or prompts. Watch the segment

00:42:01 - 00:51:39

Demonstration of creating videos with prompts and managing personal content. Watch the segment

00:51:40 - 00:57:59

Exploring the playlist and variety of programming and AI videos on the channel. Watch the segment

00:58:00 - 01:04:59

Encouragement to check out the channel's playlist for more videos on programming and AI. Watch the segment

01:05:00 - 01:10:00

Thanking the viewers for watching the video. Watch the segment

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