How to make Art Pictures only with Text - Text to Image Generator AI FREE

Summary of the content

This video tutorial demonstrates how to create art pictures using only text commands and a free AI tool called Blue You don't need to be a design expert to transform text into stunning images or illustrations.

00:00:32 - 00:01:52

Learn about the examples of realistic images generated with text commands. Watch the segment

00:01:52 - 00:02:47

Discover how easy it is to create these images using text commands. Watch the segment

00:02:47 - 00:03:23

Learn how to get started with Blue, a free AI tool. Watch the segment

00:03:23 - 00:03:55

The video explains the signup process for the website. Watch the segment

00:03:55 - 00:04:19

Step-by-step instructions for verification and setup. Watch the segment

00:04:19 - 00:04:52

Learn how to turn text into images using text commands. Watch the segment

00:04:52 - 00:05:26

Discover the process of selecting image variations. Watch the segment

00:05:26 - 00:05:56

Learn how to upscale images using commands. Watch the segment

00:05:56 - 00:06:21

Explore the variations of image number two. Watch the segment

00:06:21 - 00:06:43

Learn about creating new commands and adjusting image sizes. Watch the segment

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