Inpainting Tutorial - Stable Diffusion

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The video titled "Inpainting Tutorial - Stable Diffusion" teaches viewers about inpainting in the context of stable diffusion, providing insights into improving image quality.

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Inpainting the secret sauce to stable diffusion and how the pros get the best-looking images. Watch the segment

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You can turn a generation from this into this. And people keep asking me, do you need the inpainting model? No, you don't, but it will help you with the larger fixes. Watch the segment

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But to be completely honest with you, I usually use the regular models for inpainting as well. Watch the segment

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So we had a painter over, when he was finished he wouldn't accept my money. So I asked him why and he replied, don't worry, the paint is on the house. Watch the segment

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All right, so when you're inside stable diffusion, you're going to enter image to image here, and then this tab inpainting. Watch the segment

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Now I've prepared an image here, and if we zoom in on this a little bit, you can see that the image is fairly good, but the face here isn't great. Watch the segment

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The nose is all messed up, the ear is not great. So you might have an image that looks like this. You're fairly happy with the composition, but you need to fix most of the time the face. Watch the segment

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But it could be other parts, it doesn't really matter. So this is what we're going to do today. Watch the segment

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And also this feature here, the scroll, this is not default. So if you want this, you're going to go into extensions, and you're going to find this, the canvas zoom. Watch the segment

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When you're in here, we are gonna inpaint first the face here. Now you have a lot of options to choose from. Watch the segment

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And first of all, the mask mode is going to be inpaint mask because we have painted what we're supposed to be changing. Watch the segment

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