Is Google&-39;s Gemini the real start of the artificial intelligence boom-

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Leading artificial intelligence companies are developing radical ideas as Google releases Gemini, its most powerful AI model. Gemini can understand text, images, video, and audio, even generating high-quality code. Will Knight discusses Gemini's significance and its capabilities, marking a potential start to the generative AI boom. Watch the segment

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Will Knight elaborates on Gemini's power, comparing it to previous AI technologies. Gemini is the first large multimodal AI model, working seamlessly with images, video, and audio, showing promise in understanding the visual world. Watch the segment

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Discussing the importance of models grounded in the real world, Will explores the potential leaps in AI and the challenges faced by current models like chat GPT. Google Deep Mind's CEO hints at new ideas to enhance AI capabilities, raising expectations for significant advancements. Watch the segment

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As AI evolves, the question arises about its continuous improvement. Will addresses the plateauing of larger models and more data, highlighting the need for new ideas to address challenges like hallucinations and memory. The future trajectory of AI remains uncertain, impacting everyday life and potential breakthroughs. Watch the segment

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Exploring the potential impact of AI on the average person, Will predicts AI's further integration into daily life. Beyond job concerns, AI tools are revolutionizing workflows and becoming personal assistants, capable of handling complex tasks and reshaping how computers are used. Watch the segment

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