Lagi Viral -- Cara edit Foto Ilusi

Summary of the content

The video titled "Lagi Viral || Cara edit Foto Ilusi" is a tutorial on how to edit viral illusion photos without using an application. It demonstrates a method using a website called Hugging Face to create illusion photos that resemble faces, plants, hotels, and buildings. The process involves uploading an image, adjusting settings, and waiting in a queue for the illusion to be generated. The video provides step-by-step instructions for this creative editing technique.

00:35:40 - 00:41:32

In this segment, the video introduces the Hugging Face website and explains how to access the illusion section. Watch the segment

00:45:16 - 00:50:11

The video demonstrates how to upload an image to the website and select an image from the gallery. Watch the segment

00:54:26 - 00:59:30

This part covers adjusting the stretch illusion settings to modify the appearance of the edited image. Watch the segment

01:02:19 - 01:08:34

The video explains the importance of filling in the "City" field and leaving the "ROM" section empty. Watch the segment

01:12:32 - 01:19:56

This segment discusses the waiting process in the queue and advises users to keep the application running in the background. Watch the segment

01:24:19 - 01:30:20

The video shows the final steps to download the illusion photo once it's ready. Watch the segment

01:35:10 - 01:42:23

In the concluding part, the video presents the finished illusion photo resembling a cityscape. Watch the segment

01:46:29 - 01:50:24

The video wraps up, encouraging viewers to like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more Android tutorials. Watch the segment

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