Midjourney v6 is out and it is mind-blowing - Review-Comparison

Summary of the content

The video explores the launch of Midjourney's V6 model, highlighting improvements in prompt following, coherence, image prompting, and upscaling. It also delves into the model's capability to include text in images and introduces a new upscaler with creative modes. The V6 model emphasizes word impact, default settings, and stylization options. Despite being slower and more expensive than V5, it boasts nine months of development.

00:00:03 - 00:07:26

Exciting news about Midjourney's V6 Alpha version, demonstrating prompt selection and new features. Watch the segment

00:06:40 - 00:13:08

Exploring improved coherence, model knowledge, and image prompting. Feature testing and comparison with the previous version. Watch the segment

00:12:28 - 00:20:34

Introduction to the V6 model's capability to include text in images and generate better results. Watch the segment

00:18:53 - 00:26:51

Discussion on the improved upscaler with subtle and creative modes, increasing resolution. Initial features and differences from V5. Watch the segment

00:24:24 - 00:33:32

Insight into the impact of each word, default settings, and the recommendation to use the 'raw' style. Watch the segment

00:30:47 - 00:40:44

Balancing between prompt comprehension and visual appeal with stylization options. Comparison with the default setting. Watch the segment

00:37:24 - 00:47:19

Comparison test between V5 and V6, evaluating the level of detail and differences in prompt interpretation. Watch the segment

00:43:33 - 00:53:34

Testing V6 with prompts involving text in images, like billboards at sunset, and evaluating improvements. Watch the segment

00:50:24 - 01:01:20

Exploration of expressions, colors, and improvements in realism, with a nod to the Midjourney team. Watch the segment

00:56:43 - 01:02:36

Conclusion, emphasizing noticeable improvements and a promise of more in-depth tests on upcoming features. Watch the segment

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