NTR ai illusion Photo Editing just one Click -Tik tok trending photo editing 🔥🔥

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The video titled "NTR ai illusion Photo Editing just one Click | Tik tok trending photo editing 🔥🔥" provides a tutorial on a trending photo editing technique using AI illusion. The video explains how to achieve this effect step by step.

00:00:00 - 00:05:59

In the initial segment, the video introduces itself as a trending tutorial. Watch the segment here.

00:05:59 - 00:10:47

The video explains that the method is simple and easy, encouraging viewers to watch until the end. Watch the segment here.

00:10:47 - 00:15:39

Instructions are given to open the browser and search for "HUGGING-FACE PACE." Watch the segment here.

00:15:39 - 00:20:00

The video continues with instructions to click on specific links within the browser. Watch the segment here.

00:20:00 - 00:25:26

Viewers are guided on how to upload a picture and adjust it for the desired effect. Watch the segment here.

00:25:26 - 00:30:04

The tutorial explains how to customize the settings for image quality. Watch the segment here.

00:30:04 - 00:35:24

The video advises viewers to click on the "run" button and wait for the processing to complete. Watch the segment here.

00:35:24 - 00:40:07

Further instructions on fine-tuning the image are provided. Watch the segment here.

00:40:07 - 00:45:36

The video concludes with guidance on saving the edited image. Watch the segment here.

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