New AI Breakthroughs Explained. It&-39;s ALL Accelerating !

Summary of the content

The video explores breakthroughs in AI, focusing on the Gemini model and its advancements over GPT-4. It discusses the accelerating pace of technological progress, the potential of multimodal models, and their applications in various domains.

00:00:00 - 01:04:40

Introduction to Gemini model, surpassing GPT-4. Watch the segment

01:04:40 - 02:13:20

Technological progress and the impact on new materials. Watch the segment

02:13:20 - 03:18:00

The future of large language models and their functionalities. Watch the segment

03:18:00 - 04:23:20

Understanding multimodal input and real-world behavior. Watch the segment

04:23:20 - 05:35:00

AI's ability to discover new materials and their applications. Watch the segment

05:35:00 - 06:43:20

Hostinger AI website builder introduction. Watch the segment

06:43:20 - 07:42:00

Creating a website with Hostinger AI website builder. Watch the segment

07:42:00 - 08:45:20

AI models' impact on diverse areas and capabilities. Watch the segment

08:45:20 - 09:33:20

Benchmarking Gemini against GPT-4. Watch the segment

09:33:20 - 10:50:40

Gemini's contribution to scientific research and data analysis. Watch the segment

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