PLAYGROUND 2 TRYOUTS EP 1 ft. @CarryMinati @triggeredinsaan - ALL Episodes LIVE on Amazon miniTV

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The video features Playground 2 tryouts with contestants vying for Mentos' approval. Harshita seeks a second chance, Mono impresses with entertainment, and Urfi charms with her unique walk.

00:00:00 - 00:01:45

World's First Gaming Trials for Playground contestants. Mono from Arunachal Pradesh brings excitement.

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00:01:42 - 00:04:13

Mono's challenge: Hops in 70 seconds. Entertaining gameplay with Mentos' reactions.

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00:04:11 - 00:05:53

Mono's backstory: From village life to creating videos. Overcoming network issues for content creation.

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00:05:53 - 00:07:57

Mono on copying content and the pain of losing friends. Determination to continue and entertain.

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00:07:57 - 00:09:38

Urfi Javed's playful banter with Mono. Comedy and challenges.

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00:09:38 - 00:11:43

Mono's struggle with demonetization due to Urfi Javed. Humorous confrontation and laughs.

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