Pika 1.0 - AI Video Generator New Breakthrough - AI Movie is Near!

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The Pika 1.0 AI video generator has introduced significant updates, showcasing improved animation, cinematic lighting, and enhanced camera control.

00:00:40 - 00:01:28

Earlier today, Pika 1.0 released a demo video, revealing more fluent animation and improved lighting. Watch the segment

00:02:39 - 00:02:53

The camera's movement track in the demo is extensive, providing better control on a larger scale. Watch the segment

00:04:47 - 00:04:54

The camera moves through objects with good depth of field, delivering a more natural look. Watch the segment

00:07:03 - 00:07:45

The video showcases improved object actions, offering a more natural feel compared to previous versions. Watch the segment

00:10:09 - 00:10:44

A quick glance at the interface reveals the ability to input prompts or drop images and videos for generating content. Watch the segment

00:14:09 - 00:15:18

Resolution is now 1080P, and the interface includes a change area and expand buttons for more creative options. Watch the segment

00:18:07 - 00:18:53

The demo highlights the capability to select an area and type a prompt for video generation, expanding beyond just photos. Watch the segment

00:22:30 - 00:23:55

Despite impressive features, some imperfections are noted, such as robot legs not connecting correctly and morphing issues. Watch the segment

00:26:15 - 00:27:13

Details in the demo appear blurry, possibly due to low bit rate at 1080P. Watch the segment

00:30:49 - 00:31:40

For high-quality image and video enhancement, the demo suggests using Hitp AI. Watch the segment

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