Pika and Restoration

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The American pika, a rabbit relative, serves as an icon for climate change. This article explores its habitat, behavior, and the impact of climate change on its distribution.

00:21:20 - 00:35:29

The American pika's significance in climate change is explored. Watch the segment

00:35:29 - 00:47:09

Research by Connie Millar on the pika's habitat and climate change. Watch the segment

00:47:09 - 01:02:29

Discussion on the collaboration between the Forest Service and scientific organizations. Watch the segment

01:02:29 - 01:15:10

Insights into the pika's habitat and elevation range. Watch the segment

01:15:10 - 01:28:29

Exploration of the pika's geographic range and its significance in climate research. Watch the segment

01:28:29 - 01:41:20

The pika's habitat changes and the complexity of climate's impact. Watch the segment

01:41:20 - 01:55:29

Eric Beaver's valuable research contribution to the Forest Service. Watch the segment

01:55:29 - 02:10:30

Analysis of the changing distribution of pikas and their habitat. Watch the segment

02:10:30 - 02:23:49

The study's focus on diverse national forests and the Western third of North America. Watch the segment

02:23:49 - 02:37:09

Discussion on the varied results of pika population studies. Watch the segment

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