Pikas in the Rockies steal from their neighbours to survive

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The video explores how pikas in the Rockies gather and store food for the winter.

00:00:06 - 00:03:45

Tiny pikas build haystacks in the Rockies to prepare for the upcoming cold. Watch the segment

00:04:23 - 00:07:38

The summer sun triggers a bloom of alpine wildflowers. Watch the segment

00:09:21 - 00:12:32

Pikas gather flowers at high altitudes, crucial for their survival. Watch the segment

00:13:47 - 00:18:23

An American pika selectively harvests flowers for winter sustenance. Watch the segment

00:20:32 - 00:22:48

The pika faces challenges carrying the harvest to its den. Watch the segment

00:23:56 - 00:26:52

The pika's meticulous selection of plants, including poisonous ones. Watch the segment

00:28:09 - 00:31:05

Toxins in the haystack decay over winter, allowing safe consumption. Watch the segment

00:33:00 - 00:36:09

Gathering flowers for winter survival is a strenuous task. Watch the segment

00:38:27 - 00:41:36

The pika explores its neighbor's haystack, presenting a tempting shortcut. Watch the segment

00:43:47 - 00:44:50

The pika seizes an opportunity to grab extra food from the neighbor. Watch the segment

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