¿Puede Gemini de Google Superar a ChatGPT 4- Una Mirada al Futuro de la IA

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The latest innovation from Google in artificial intelligence, Gemini, is making waves in the tech world.

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This news is shaking the world of technology and Watch the segment

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Artificial Intelligence Google enters fully into the AI race with its new advanced model called Gemini, the most Watch the segment

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General and capable model ever created, Gemini is an AI model designed to work with several types of information, Watch the segment

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Text, code, image, and video all in one, unlike its competitors. Furthermore, Gemini is not a single model since it Watch the segment

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Comes in three versions. First, we have Gemini Ultra, the most advanced version, standing out in comprehension tests on Watch the segment

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Topics such as history, law, medicine, and mathematics. Then there is Gemini Pro that will be integrated into Bart the Google chatbot, and Watch the segment

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Finally, Gemini Nano focused on summary and recording skills that will be included in smartphones, and this Watch the segment

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Launch is a clear response from Google to the success of OpenAI's GPT-4, and Microsoft's recent advances. Things are getting interesting. Watch the segment

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