STOP Using Midjourney, This FREE AI Can Make You $7,530-month Instead!

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The video titled "STOP Using Midjourney, This FREE AI Can Make You $7,530/month Instead!" discusses a free AI tool called Tensor Art that can generate images and potentially help users earn money.

00:01:00 - 00:01:12

The video begins by highlighting the limitations of Midjourney and the high cost associated with it. Watch the segment

00:01:12 - 00:02:31

The speaker introduces the concept of free AI tools and mentions choosing Tensor Art as the best alternative to Midjourney. Watch the segment

00:02:31 - 00:03:19

Tensor Art's sign-up process is explained, including the use of an invitation code for additional benefits. Watch the segment

00:03:19 - 00:04:18

The video explores Tensor Art's diverse range of image generation models, including adult content options. Watch the segment

00:04:18 - 00:05:06

The speaker demonstrates how to access the Tensor Art workspace and choose a model for image generation. Watch the segment

00:05:06 - 00:05:54

Information about the cost of creating images using Tensor Art is provided, emphasizing the generosity of the free credits. Watch the segment

00:05:54 - 00:06:57

Details about customization options, including image size and upscaling, are explained. Watch the segment

00:06:57 - 00:07:47

Additional information about AI models, prompts, and settings is given. Watch the segment

00:07:47 - 00:08:41

The video touches on the Remix feature, allowing users to create variations of images. Watch the segment

00:08:41 - 00:09:27

The speaker introduces the concept of earning money with Tensor Art by creating AI models for Fiverr. Watch the segment

00:09:27 - 00:10:02

The video concludes by highlighting the potential for earning money with Tensor Art's Custom Image Prompt service. Watch the segment

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