Stable Video Diffusion Open Source Release! New AI Video Generator Free!

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The content introduces Stable Video Diffusion, an open-source AI video generator, with significant advancements in generative video models.

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Exciting AI news! Stable Video Diffusion has released a new model for video generation, named "Stable Video Diffusion." It's their first foundation model for generative video. Watch the segment

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The model is open source and free, allowing developers to improve it. It supports image-to-video and text-to-video options. Watch the segment

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Stable Video Diffusion demonstrated improved coherence, natural lighting, and camera movement. Watch the segment

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The video model is adaptable to multi-view synthesis and can predict objects in 3D environments. Watch the segment

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The model's resolution is 720p, but for higher quality, it recommends using Hitp AI for photo and video enhancement. Watch the segment

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Hitp AI can easily upscale low-quality images or videos to super high resolution. Watch the segment

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The video model can generate videos in different art styles, adding excitement to the capabilities. Watch the segment

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Stable Video Diffusion can generate 14 and 25 frames at customizable frame rates (3-30 frames), surpassing other models. Watch the segment

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In user preference studies, it surpasses Runway and Perer Labs. A comparison video is proposed for the future. Watch the segment

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The code for Stable Video Diffusion is available on their GitHub repository, including weights to run the model locally. Watch the segment

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