The Messed Up Mythology™ of Gemini - Astrology Explained - Jon Solo

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The episode explores the mythology of Gemini, delving into its representation and significance.

00:00:00 - 00:55:36

John Solo introduces Gemini, the third zodiac sign, and discusses its association with Mercury, craftsmanship, and duality. Watch the segment

00:53:28 - 01:49:28

The twin symbol is interpreted as representing the ego and shadow, making Geminis appear unpredictable. Other cultures' perspectives on Gemini are also explored. Watch the segment

01:07:28 - 02:43:28

John delves into Babylonian and Chinese interpretations of Gemini, connecting it to Nergal, the god of the underworld. Greek mythology is introduced, highlighting the twin figures Pollux and Castor. Watch the segment

01:61:36 - 03:37:28

The episode explores the complex lineage of Pollux and Castor, their roles in mythology, and their association with sailors. Watch the segment

02:15:68 - 04:33:59

The twins' involvement in the Argonauts' quest, their feats, and their ultimate placement in the sky as the Gemini constellation are detailed. Watch the segment

02:71:76 - 05:49:20

The destructive nature of Gemini is explored through the myths of Helen and Clytemnestra, highlighting the dualities within the sign. Watch the segment

03:27:36 - 06:23:59

The episode covers Gemini's role in protecting sailors, the clash with another set of twins, and their immortalization in the constellation. Watch the segment

03:81:76 - 07:13:59

The debate over Gemini's representation as Castor and Pollux or Apollo and Hercules is discussed, adding a humorous touch to the narrative. Watch the segment

04:31:36 - 08:06:40

John Solo shares his perspective on Gemini's representation, inviting viewer input and concluding the episode. Watch the segment

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