Top 3 free AI art generators !! (plus BONUS 🤫) - Say Goodbye to Midjourney

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In this video, the content creator explores various AI art generators, focusing on three main options: Blue Willow, Night Cafe, and Playground AI. These tools allow users to generate art using AI algorithms, each with its unique features and limitations. Additionally, a mysterious tool called DDM is introduced, which goes beyond art generation and offers powerful image search capabilities. Finally, the video briefly mentions that ChatGPT-3 can also generate images with specific prompts.

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The video begins with an overview of the topic, discussing the need for free AI art generators. Watch the segment

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Blue Willow is introduced as the first AI art generator, with a similar process to Mid Journey. It's completely free and allows users to generate images with Discord commands. Watch the segment

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Night Cafe is showcased as another option, requiring no Discord server involvement. Users simply create an account on their website to start generating images. Watch the segment

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Playground AI is introduced, offering 1000 free image generations per day with a web interface similar to Night Cafe. Watch the segment

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The video discusses credit systems for some tools, like Night Cafe, where users earn credits by completing tasks or participate in challenges to generate more images. Watch the segment

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The segment explains how to earn credits and buy them if needed. Watch the segment

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The video moves on to Lexisia, another AI art generator with its own model and features. Watch the segment

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Instant Art is briefly mentioned, offering a user-friendly web interface and multiple models for image generation. Watch the segment

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The video discusses the DDM tool, which goes beyond art generation, offering advanced image search capabilities and image variations. Watch the segment

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The segment briefly mentions ChatGPT-3's ability to generate images using specific prompts. Watch the segment

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The video concludes by asking viewers to like the video and share their thoughts on the best alternative for Mid Journey. Watch the segment

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