Trending viral AI illusion face photo art just 2 minutes in Bangla - 75% চোখ বুঝে ছবি কিভাবে -

Summary of the content

This video is about creating trending viral AI illusion face photo art in Bengali in just 2 minutes. It explores the process of making these intriguing images, with a focus on understanding the techniques involved.

00:00:09 - 00:00:33

The video starts with a foreign language segment, setting the stage for the tutorial. Watch the segment

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At around 5 minutes and 21 seconds, there is a brief pause with no subtitles.

00:08:55 - 00:08:54

Around the 8-minute mark, there is a musical interlude. Watch the segment

00:10:14 - 00:11:33

Following the music, another foreign language segment appears, continuing the tutorial. Watch the segment

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At 20 minutes and 28 seconds, there is a momentary pause in subtitles.

00:22:51 - 00:22:51

Around the 22-minute mark, there is another musical interlude.

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Shortly after the music, there is a pause in subtitles.

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At 30 minutes and 29 seconds, there is another pause with no subtitles.

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Around 44 minutes and 8 seconds, a foreign language segment reappears. Watch the segment

00:53:49 - 00:54:05

The video concludes with a foreign language segment discussing what happened. Watch the segment

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